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In order to provide an efficient service to our clients, the company has a number of support infrastructure facilities to ensure a hassle free flow in operations. Following the Company Operated Workshop , Mosque Inside the Workshop , Complete Vehicle Workshop , spare parts , Security , Diesel Station , Mobile Diesel Unit.



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All staff, vehicles and equipment are linked to environmental awareness. AK Transport Company and its staff will respect our environment, keep it clean and look after it. AK Transport Company will purchase technology to minimize and prevent global warming. AK Transport Company will also monitor its equipment and replace it in time to prevent pollution and damage to the environment

AK Transport Company will comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy where the intention is to create a greater awareness of Health and Safety and to inform employees of their duties and their responsibilities in the workplace. AK Transport Company is also adapting to our Customers Health and Safety policies on their premises.


Our Policy
AK Transport Company is committed to perform all work in the safest manner possible consistent with good transportation practices. To fulfill this commitment, all employees, all of the time, will carry out an organized and effective safety program at all work sites. Implementation and enforcement of the procedures and requirements of our safety program have the full backing of senior management at AK Transport. All managers and employees are responsible for ensuring the safety program is followed and its objectives are achieved

Our Goals
We will prevent all accidents, small and large.
We will comply with all federal, provincial and state regulations.
The safe work practices outlined in our employee handbook will be followed by all of our employees.
Through the concept of continuous improvement, we will review and revise our safety program on ongoing basis to ensure all potential risks are considered


Our Programs
Corporate Commitment
Hazard Identification and Assessment
Hazard Control
Ongoing Inspections
Driver Recruitment
Emergency Response
Accident and Incident Investigation
Environmental Policy and Initiative
Program Administration
Extended Length
Recognition and Awards
Communications Program