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AK transport is providing logistic services from the last 23 years.
We are currently serving:
from 2006 till date. Being our consistent client Nestle names AK transport as their most trusted service provider
Pakistan Tobacco Company
rom 2014 till date. Added new to the AK clientele but in one year time span we are the most trusted vendor in PTC. With work load doubled since the first day.
Pepsi cola international
from 2008 till date. AK group has maintained an image of the best service provider.
Engro foods
from 2006 till date. Giving a quality service to Engro, they have increased their work with AK Transport Company
Five star foam
from 2008 - till date
Diamond foam
from 2009 - till date
Master foam
from 2009 - till date
Continental biscuits limited
2011 - till date
2003-2011 (discontinued
Ghani glass
2012 – till date
Roshan packages
2012 – till date
English biscuits
2013 - till date
2013 - till date
Kolsan foods
2013 - till date
from 2013 till date.
AK transport has made an image of a trusted brand. With our wish to give best to our clients AK group has expanded immensely.


AK Transport Company get the certification from the Sedex. It is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. This certificate demonstrates that our products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations.
Sedex stores information on ethical and responsible practices covered by ILO Conventions, ETI Base Code, SA8000, ISO14001 and industry specific codes of conduct.
Sedex members span over 150 countries and many industry sectors, ranging from small independent farms to some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands.




We have installed a tracking device with a real-time feed. This helps us to locate vehicles and detect any violation on assigned route. A prior call is given to the driver immediately to know the reason for the change on route.
On request we give online tracking services to our clients. Adding to this an online lock door system is available. With help of this service clients can lock the container after loading and unlock it online at the time of unloading. This secures the consignment to it utmost level. The driver has no access to the container after this, providing a sense of ease to our clients.


AK group has a well-maintained transport network. To work hassle free AK group has its own workshop at main Multan road Lahore. Workshop has a size over 23 kanals. This workshop maintains the entire fleet.

  • Fabrication
  • Body building
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Modification
  • Paint shop
  • Tire shop
  • Diesel station
All these and other necessary services needed are provided here


Full details of the drivers are maintained electronically and manually. It is mandatory for a driver to have his driving license along with his ID card before going on a route. AK transport makes sure that the driver has no criminal background. We believe drivers are an asset of the company and only trusted drivers are hired.


THE National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP) have established a Driver’s Training Track of international standard in the Training Driving School at Sheikhupura, which would help drivers of public, & private sector in learning adequate driving techniques and creating road safety in Pakistan. Each and every driver in the company has to go through the training process before going on road.


To get the best from our workers, the company provides them with bonuses on completing tasks and satisfying our clients. Moreover every year, one of the staff members (including drivers) is elected via a lucky to perform “HAJ” on company’s budget. This practice helps drivers / staff to maintain their record, and work for the company faithfully.


AK Transport Company has one of the largest network with many offices, covering almost all the cities and towns of the country especially Lahore.


In the field of technology also we are in the forefront, almost all our vehicles are equipped with vehicle tracking system and are interconnected via state of the art technologies in software and database.


We own well-equipped and secure Go downs and offices dedicated for the purpose of warehousing and storage.


We handle large quantity of cargo every year


We cater to a wide array of customers from sectors like FMCG, Automobile, Engineering, Pharma, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Raw Materials etc, which are Pakistani as well as Multi National Corporations on repetitive basis.